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 Kinnelon Heritage Conservation Society Inc.  is a 501c-3 corporation organized under the laws of the State of New Jersey to preserve open space land and historic structures throughout the Borough of Kinnelon, NJ.  The board consists of four directors, all of whom have extensive community spirit and experience.  Recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable corporation. Kinnelon Heritage Conservation Society Inc. (KHCS) has provided the bulk of funding to support the restoration of St. Hubert's Chapel. The Board considers this chapel to be one of the most significant landmarks in Kinnelon and would like to see the Chapel listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Application is currently under review and hopefully a decision will be rendered in 2025! 

As St. Hubert's Chapel restorations are being accomplished and the project matures, we are looking toward other historic properties within Kinnelon Borough to protect and make available for the benefit of the Kinnelon Community.  Take a peek under the "More" tab and click the tab that shows Historic Sites within the Borough of Kinnelon.

EIN #  22-2703836

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