Important Announcement   !!!!!!

Saint Hubert’s Chapel, Smoke Rise, Kinnelon New Jersey.

Kinnelon Heritage Conservation Society, the funding arm of the St. Hubert’s Chapel restoration would like to announce a very significant donation.


 St. Hubert’s Chapel patron's have pledged to match any donation up to $30,000 this calendar year 2020!


Kinnelon Heritage over the past twenty nine years has raised in excess of $350,000, that was used to fund the restoration of the Chapel. Kinnelon Heritage is attempting to raise $60,000 this year to be used towards the restoration and conservation of the Tiffany supplied plaster statuary and plaster background work in the Chapel. This is a rare opportunity to make your donations count twice! Tax deductible donations can be made to Kinnelon Heritage Conservation Society, Inc. via our website, or sent via mail to Kinnelon Heritage Conservation Society (KHCS), 2 Kiel Avenue Unit 292, Kinnelon, New Jersey 07405. This is a very important matching contribution. Every bit helps. Please support your community’s effort to restore this historic gem!

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